Welcome to Jacque Holmes Photography. My hope is that you find images throughout this site of stories that remind you of ones of your own. Stories that make you laugh, or cry. Stories that calm you, or make you feel joy. Stories of Summer days at the beach with cousins, or of times you use to go fishing by the creek near your house where you grow up. Images from Jacque Holmes Photography capture details. Moments, people, places, and events frozen in time for you and those you care about to enjoy and reminisce over for years to come. Remembering with clarity details you may one day forget.

Jacque Holmes Photography 2018

This picture, taken 20 years ago, is of my Dad a couple of days before he died. Inside this one frame are tucked details I’m not sure I would remember now. Details I share with grandchildren he never got to meet, but who, through photo’s, get to glimpse a bit of who he was. I’m the one who took this picture. It’s the last one of him we’d ever have, and not a day goes by I’m not grateful to God to be able to look at it, and remember those last few days we had with him.

People, and the stories that go with them, matter. They matter now, and they’ll matter in the future. At Jacque Holmes Photography, that’s a truth that drives me to pour my love of story telling, and story preserving, into every session I do, because I know just how meaningful your stories can be.

Thank you so much for considering Jacque Holmes Photography. I look forward to capturing the story you want told!

Be Love, Jacque

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